Remember Suicide Is Not an Escape Route for Problems

Suicide is about people willingly, intentionally or deliberately planning to end their lives on this earth plane for now, for reasons best known to them.

The reason may be physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial, marital, educational or social.

But, there is life after the so-called dead. When we die or pass through transition, we are sure to come back to this earth in order to continue from where we stopped.

Please, reflect on the above statements and either agree or disagree with me. You have the right.

Karma, reincarnation, the law of sowing and reaping, etc, are some of the natural laws some of us have little or no knowledge about. Let me confess, I am still a student of life.

People who hang themselves, jump into the lagoon, slice their throats or drink poison think this is the best way to end their lives here on earth.

They may think it is the best way to escape from the problems they are facing in life.

On the face value they may be right. But, in reality, they are dead wrong.

Do not believe what I am writing here. Make your own independent research and investigation in order to be convinced.

Poverty, frustrations, hopelessness, loneliness, rejection, hatred, depression, joblessness, marital failures, financial loses, dead of loved ones, etc, should not be the reason for you to take your life. However, most of these reasons are created by us.

There is a definite relationship between our past, present and future lives here on earth.

Therefore, our present life is a manifestation of the past and the future, a reflection of the present.

Those who commit suicide may either be weak, incapable of facing the many and seemingly endless problems of their lives, setting high standards for their lives, extremely materialistic, with no contentment or simply frustrated.

It is also possible that by the thoughts, words and deeds of our past lives, we have a karmic debt in this present life to face the consequences of our actions and inactions in our past lives.

So, suicide is not an escape route for the problems you are facing. It is in fact a burden.

When a person commits suicide, he or she may be thinking that his earthly problems are over. Again, dead wrong.

Immediately after the act, the person will suffer severely and regret his or her actions in the next world.

It is like a person who is traveling from Lagos to Abuja in Nigeria by road suddenly stopping on the way without reaching his or her destination.

The person is postponing his or her “evil days” and refusing to take responsibilities and solve whatever problems he or she is facing in order to grow.

This world is a school and we are here to learn, sort out our karmic records and go back after many years of coming and going.

So, instead of committing suicide, take a pause and reflect on your life. Pray for guidance and inspiration to face whatever problem you are presently going through. This is the natural way to grow.