Good Friday In Catholic Church

Having just laboured through another Easter with all its hype and reflections on a myth introduced by Constantine and perpetuated by the Catholic Church leaves me drained. The spiritual presence within me is again shaken by the lies and misconceptions that lead people like sheep. Visions of the tourist venues in Jerusalem with masses pouring through so-called holy sites is rather appalling.

My reincarnation proves that heaven and hell are non-existent and yet they are the pillars on which all religions stand. It was my job to discover why? Coupled with the great wall of confusion and mystery they engage in and the secrecy by which they survive the overall mix is too great for anyone to break down unless supported by the Spirit.

The drama unfolds with many poor victims imitating the crucifixion with some going so far as to have nails driven through their hands to hold them on the cross. As a weapon of death one must surely question why the cross is venerated and people trained to use their hands to ‘cross‘ themselves as a method of protection.

Research has established the myths behind this time and why it has become so huge in the life of so many. To begin with Constantine was shown to me to be 666 and this is verified in Revelation 13:12-18. In that part of the bible it clearly states that he INVENTED JESUS CHRIST.

On that point alone he deserves nothing more than contempt but he went further. He was Islamic in his religion as he was a descendant of the Amor. They were the group who inhabited Babylon and established the Persian Empire by their violence and consumption of all nations within their reach.

They built Roma (reverse Amor) as their final capital and became the Romans, thereby hiding their previous history. So this Roman Emperor is the Assyrian referred to so often in Old Testament prophecies and in other parts of the bible where he has taken over the role of God (11 Thessalonians 2:3-12).

He also put Mary, the sun-god of Babylon, in it as the Mother of God and now all Catholics pray to the sun for salvation and other thing. ‘She’ is described in Revelation 12:5 as BABYLON THE GREAT AND MOTHER OF HARLOTS. This is the only place in th bible where capital letters are used in a description thus emphasising the importance of it.

Now believed to be a beautiful woman and Queen of Heaven who gave her son to be sacrificed the entire story is myth. As Constantine built the first Christian churches and that of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem among them it demonstrates how sheep-like people are.

Those who have memory of reincarnation are condemned by the leaders of the Babylonian religions and the Muslim branch of Islam was started by the Vatican. It worships the Sun-star and the moon, as shown on its flags, symbols, and inside the Kaaba at Mecca.

The ruse of Good Friday is a sham and a shame on the human race who deny the real God, the Spirit of the Universe.

With the world in turmoil and the fast approaching end of life on this planet how could the Spirit of the Universe speak to us without the Internet and modern communication systems? My role in this is to unravel the fake news and give perspective to its origin.