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California Failed To Protect All Citizens

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was California Governor he attempted to allot funds towards the repair and maintenance of the levee system and yet, couldn’t get the democratic California legislature at the time to accept his budget, instead they had endless social programs and pet projects to fund. Some folks do not remember their history, but I am not one of them, you see here we are in 2017 and we have a dam crisis brewing at the Oroville Dam, which happens to be about 1/2 of Northern and Central California’s water supply – it is the main dam with 9-smaller dams above it. As I pen this article all 9 dams are 100% full and Oroville Dam needs repairs on its spillways which are in jeopardy of total failure.

Now then, the leftist newspaper (yes, I am a bias writer in hindsight of this on-going fiasco), The Los Angeles Times, had an interesting article on February 24, 2017 titled; “California Governor Jerry Brown proposes speeding up water and flood-protection projects after the winter’s big storms,” by John Myers which had a quote from the governor:

“We have our aging infrastructure and it’s maxed out,” Brown said during a news conference at the state Capitol. The plan, largely an acceleration of existing plans to fund infrastructure needs, requires approval of the Legislature.”

The one page article also stated that the California Governor contacted Donald Trump for fast-tracking environmental rules for some key repair projects like the Oroville Dam spillway. The Governor also wants to set aside $437 million of the California budget to fix levees and storm drainage in the state. Infrastructure experts estimate this to be a drop in the bucket to the overdue repairs needed in state infrastructure which are thought to be $187 Billion to bring the CA infrastructure up to an A-grade by the American Society of Engineers. A good overview of this is on YouTube, a video titled; “Jerry Brown Finally Speaks About Oroville Dam Spillway Failures 2/24/2017.”

When California Governor Jerry Brown gave a press conference one reporter asked him about who was to blame. He deflected these questions explaining that there are many infrastructure maintenance projects that desperately need budget monies, but monies are not unlimited, and named important social programs, health care, and legacy costs (pensions for former and current state employees). We all understand the realities, and yet, California is to blame for their own failures a and whereas they can divert blame way from themselves, they may not be able to divert that much water or snowpack runoff in time to prevent the largest dam disaster in US History.

The Oroville Dam Disaster

In Mid-February of 2017 we watched videos on TV and online showing just how bad our crumbling infrastructure in the US had gotten. In fact, the tallest dam in the United States had a failure of its main spillway, something that could have been fixed inexpensively turned into cost of 100s of millions of dollars in very short order. Indeed, now some are questioning if the dam can make it through the winter rainy season without total failure – which if it occurs it will be the biggest disaster in US History, with potentially the most lives lost as well.

Before I get into the “blame game” which everyone these days loves to do, let’ consider what could happen?

If the emergency spillway collapses, a 30-foot wall of water would come rushing down and further erode the hillside. This would be more enough to take out levees downstream. Further, even though minor repairs are taking place, and the crippled system has made it through one storm, more are on the way. First responders from all over California are on their way to mutually assist, in fact a personal friend was dispatched to up North to help in case of a dam collapse.

During the next storm it could happen and all the water flows into the lake, and don’t forget the snow melt is coming in a couple of months. This is what happens when leftists spend money on social programs instead of what’s needed. The CA legislature didn’t let The Governator fix the levees and infrastructure – now everyone in CA pays, disaster could rival Katrina – and then there is the summer with no water for CA. Damn bureaucrats and leftists – this is totally on you.

Our think tank was trying to figure out ways to save the spillways and the dam, and here is what we came up with: they need 100 48″ hose-like pipes that are 1/2 mile long to syphon water out over the erosion problem by the emergency spillway and over the normal spillway failure area. That would work, if they do it now, then they can get the dam down to 80% in 1-2 weeks, thus, averting the future crisis of snow melt, and the next few storms. Hopefully this cold storm will cause snow not rain above dam?

That area near the end of the emergency spillway by the parking lot looks scary, nothing holding anything back and will erode quickly upon capacity, undermine emergency spillway, meanwhile the normal spillway is slowly eroding backwards towards dam, so it could be a no-win situation if the rains keep up, and without time to fix before major snow melt – this will be a tough and scary go until summer. Doesn’t look like a tenable situation. No offense to all the optimists here, I hear you, I’d love to be with you, but evidence suggests otherwise.

About 3D Printing Can’t Define The Future Of The Humanity

While there is the whole buzz around citing 3D printing as the definite future of humanity, I beg to differ for certain reasons that I have penned down below.

To start with, the 3D mechanism here banks on resin, and it is actually harmful to our body. You don’t always need to come in physical contact with it to understand the danger- in fact; you will end up hurting your eyes even if you stare at it for long. It’s because 3D printing uses a substance which is made from combustion at temperatures above and below the notified marks.

For those with little or no idea regarding 3D printing, here goes a brief:

3D printing technology is deployed in several industries working for defense and manufacturing. Moreover, other industries or trades those need to work with complex designs as well as have the requirement of high-demand products, also count on 3D printing.

After much thought, I came to the view that 3D printing isn’t the very proposal that is thoroughly checked by government agencies. What’s much alarming is that the industries mentioned above are only risking lives through wrong inputs just because they are eyeing profit from collateral of false propaganda or otherwise via inverted calculation.

The energy deployed in its frequent support just adds to high voltage & systematic harm for our environment. Whatever logic these industries put forward to justify their investment on 3D printing is always pertinent to their interests & profits, and they never care for the consumer.

This is to stress here that the very theoretical dynamics aren’t exactly sought through reliable findings. The very situational drama that we see is just a gathered perception, and changes in written dimensions only imply complete dilution of subject expertise.

On the other hand, the second primary reason behind the high end propagated interference shows relation to high judgment that doesn’t exactly meet either existence of the relative precautions or non-portal behavior.

I consider myself, and I am also recognized as an individual of high values who is well aware of this interest of these industries in using 3D printing. Thus, I would not consciously wish anybody to use 3D printing so that our nature can be saved from the harm caused by fake or faulty hypothesis.

Our Mother Earth is calm and resilient, and even though she knows about these high profile people, she stays silent. But I realized this should not be allowed for long. Yes, it took me the immense courage to state my views here that clashes with the interest of the top guns but still this is my ardent request you to boycott the harmful 3D printing practice immediately. We all have to be very serious about it for the sake of benefit of our existence.

The Republicans hardly have any idea about value steered by the consumer goods. However, I feel, our fellow citizens should be careful about the crucial justification which leads to this savage thinking. Reduced harm would be able to sub judice high theories and reduction in supplements forms the root cause of the true behavior.

Finally, the whole stuff is bounded by breakthrough subjects which don’t implement situational devaluation.

Craving for Know More Knowledge

I am nothing but disabled without awareness of surroundings
It’s amazing to know everything
On the other hand, lack of knowledge is crippling
I do not crave for any template for success
But I crave when somebody who is thirsty does not get adequate food to quench his stomach
But I crave when people are raging a revolution only with the ill intention to hurt others
But I crave when a certain culture mirrors its notions and ideas on gathering reposition
Yes, I crave when anger is uncontrollable even if that means controlling it just for a couple of minutes
Yes, I crave when somebody discourages a needed conflict simply based on own vested interests
I crave when a doted mother is crying for the welfare of her child
I crave when a brave soldier unfortunately has to die in army tank
I crave when I see a person with no such values or proper sense of discipline questions about principles of others
I crave when I see a teacher propagating about wrong unethical religious principles to an innocent child

I crave when there a person shows lack of culture in the name of being liberal or open-minded
I crave when patents do not get cash
I crave when elephants cured by nature tend to disvalue needed cautioned principles
I crave when some professor gives up saying that he won’t be able to make a hero out of a child
I crave when unemployment unfortunately begets blind obsession to worship
I crave when unethical feelings of terrorism overpowers national interest
I crave when I see people shamelessly discussing faulty values to justify their belongingness
I crave when a disabled person has to earn his income through immense hardship given lack of opportunities
I crave when a so-called truth-seeker does not live up to his words
I crave when I see a person known for his integrity nationally forgets everything & takes bribe
I crave when key figures of national politics place their self-governed interests over the interest of the country
I crave when I see politicians have snooped down so low that there is no difference between them and dogs
I crave when I see a CEO refuses to comprehend the values and ethics as followed by the employee & employers of the company
I crave when I see somebody who is able yet does not want to face his problems
I crave when I see that the prime minister even after being aware of the issues troubling his nation do not come forward to solve the problems with needed literal information
I crave when I see people not considering dog bites as something really temporary
I don’t want to join in for the so-called great results underground
I am always into those situations where when somebody comes before you, you make time to meet him
I am calling a hunger strike if I see faulty principles interfering with national interest
I am the crave in times of airstrikes that force people to get down
I am always the crave when nature goes bonkers with no understanding of wellbeing of humanity
I am the crave when sun refuses to radiate in simplicity
I am the crave when earth does not feel responsible enough to take care of its children
I am never the crave for the good of the torturous crimes carried by the intelligent bureau
I am never the crave when they fail to submit report to court
I am the crave when I see a doctor squeezes money from patients in the name of a welfare society
I am the crave when I see a person with no understanding of the values and ideals of the greater sense of the multi-cultural diversity
I am the hunger when I come across shallow fanatic discussions on any ideal in the society
I am the very crave for the worker who is deprived of his deserved daily wage just because he didn’t pay heed to notional principles
I am the crave when a flight is deliberately delayed in the wait of some reputed citizen who isn’t in governance
I am the hunger when I see so many individuals across so many nations are in distress
Yes, I have still not grown up as a man of absolute wisdom yet I am constantly monitoring my own thoughts round the clock to improve my approach and attitude towards life.